They only live as long as the last person who remembers them. As long as we remember, they're never truly gone.

Their smiles, their zoomies, their memories; they become a part of us forever. 

Dogs come running into our lives, making them whole (and covered in fur) and teach us lessons we'll carry with us long after they're gone from this world.

That unconditional love leaves lasting paw prints on our hearts forever.

And while I can’t freeze time or make your dogs immortal (don't you just wish though), I can give you the next best thing: A customized experience with your canine companions resulting in gorgeous and high quality artworks and albums that bring you back to this moment for a lifetime.

Pitbull mix licking face of smiling red haired woman - Tilly Project - tacoma dog photographer - Rainbow Bridge
Senior dog photography - Seattle dog photographer - Rainbow Bridge - Tilly Project

Black and white versions of your images will always be included.


Tayah, Miso's Mom

She was kind, compassionate, and gentle with Miso. She was even more so with me. I had these photos in hand before he passed which is not her normal timeframe and was an absolute gift to be able to see with him still by my side.

She recognized my macabre/weirdness and recommended I contact alternative body processing spots, including Resting Waters and various preservation people in the area.

She saw Miso for the dog he is, and saw me for who I am and was so much more than just a photographer.

All final images come with personal retouching

Please don't let a lump or bandage keep you from getting photos before it's too late! Often times these can be either hidden during the session or removed during the retouching phase.

Pitbull mix walking during End of Life Tilly Project Session in Everett Washington
Pitbull mix walking during End of Life Tilly Project Session in Tacoma Washington

Session fee $195

Senior chihuahua dog in a fall basket of flowers in Graham

"Dog's lives are too short.
Their only fault, really."

Agnes Sligh Turnbull