Times are stressful, but getting lasting memories and artworks of your pets doesn't have to be.

The health and wellness of everyone in our community is our top priority. Rest assured, I am taking every precaution I can when it comes to working together so you can feel safe in capturing meaningful moments with your furry companions.

Social Distancing

Photography gives us the blessing of being able to socially distance at all times. This also means that I may give a little more direction during our session to make minor adjustments as needed.

Face Masks

During any interactions together I will be wearing a face mask, and I ask all my clients to do the same. Face masks can of course be removed while we are capturing any photos that include you with your pets.

*Pets are not required to wear a mask.


Much like your pets, I come freshly groomed to each session. This includes showering directly before any meetings, hand washing, and carrying sanitizer at all times. I also bring disinfecting wipes with me in case they are ever needed.

Extra Time

During these times I am not scheduling sessions back to back. This allows me to make sure I can sanitize and clean myself and any props/products to minimize the risk of spreading the disease.

The day of your session

You'll receive an email from me confirming that I have not been exposed to anyone with COVID and that I'm symptom free. There will also be one extra form included in that email for you to sign, making sure that you also haven't been exposed to anyone with COVID and that you're not showing any signs or symptoms. This helps me to make sure I'm not exposing myself or any clients that I may have in the days following our session.

“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.”