Weekends are reserved for rescue work, sleeping in and family time. But Angelo's mom really wanted photos of her beautiful albino kitty cat and simply could not make any other time work.

So on this sunny summer Saturday morning, we ventured out to Flaming Geyser state park in Auburn for a cat photo session adventure.

Albinism in Cats

Feline albinism is a rare inherited condition affecting approximately only 2% of cats. characterized by a lack of pigment resulting in cats with a white coat and eyes that are a very pale blue, or may appear pinkish or pinkish-blue (such as Angelo's eyes).

They're also light sensitive, which is another reason we opted for a morning session, avoiding the harsher light of the day.

White albino cat sitting in the grass looking up at cat photographer during photo session at Flaming Geyser State Park
Close up of a white albino cat's face showcasing the very pink and pale blue eyes

If you think working with dogs would be tough, try working with cats!

Unlike dogs who are super motivated by treats, toys, and sometimes are well trained, cats just do what they want.

No different then at home haha.

So while I do have toys and treats for cats, they usually go pretty unused during the session.

Photographing cats is all about becoming their purr-sonal paw-parazzi for a while. Following them around, relying on endless patience and knowledge of cat behavior to capture the moments we're looking for.

White albino cat sitting in a dark tree, looking up majestically; Flaming Geyser State Park, Auburn
white albino cat laying on a wooden park table; cat photo session at Flaming Geyser State Park in Auburn

Thankfully, Angelo loved the catnip spray!

One thing that can be rather successful during your cats session is the use of catnip! On this occasion, I had a catnip spray in my bag that I used to entice Angelo to hang out in certain spots for more than a few mere moments so we could try to capture more photos without the constant running around.

He loved it!

Here's what Angelo's mom had to say

"Working with Marie was such a pleasure. She was so kind in accommodating me on dates and times that worked for me. She knew exactly the perfect place to take photos of my cat and even bought us a park pass! The location was calm, quiet, and had great spots to take a variety of photos. Marie brought toys and even sprayed catnip down in all the locations she planned ahead to shoot different photos at. The final photos came out so beautiful and it was so hard to pick favorites. I really appreciated selecting the photos at my house together and then being hand delivered the final prints! Overall a truly great experience. I’m really impressed with everything. Thank you so much!"
white albino cat photographed from behind, showcasing a very floofed tail, photo session in Auburn

Overall, Angelo had a ton of fun exploring during his session. Just look at that happy, floofy tail!

You would hardly have known that he was still getting used to being on a leash (yes, his entire session was captured with a red harness and leash for his safety).

Are you ready to embark on the Marie Wulfram Photography experience with your furry companion? If so, I’d love to hear all about the special dog in your life!


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