This dynamic canine duo were a dream to photograph!

Ever since I discovered the Siberian Husky Sterling and Alaskan Malamute Walker on Instagram (@SterlingandWalker) I knew I had to get them in front of my camera. What I didn't know was that I was also going to make an incredible new friend in the process.

Lillian was the lucky winner of a recent Instagram giveaway and we were both super excited to work together.

During the initial consultation phase, I learned that their anniversary was coming up.

"I had wanted to take family anniversary photos at Lincoln Park last year but between covid and my dad’s health, it didn’t happen," Lillian confided.

That's when I offered to hold their session at Lincoln Park in Seattle, so they could also get some anniversary photos with their two special dogs as well.

The Story of Sterling

I first saw Sterling as a shelter post and offered to foster “her”. He was set to be euthanized at any time for space. I actually met him in a parking lot to pick him up from the volunteer who picked him up from the shelter.

Sterling is described as...


Heart dog


Sterling the blind malamute in Seattle

The Story of Walker

I first met Walker when his foster family/finders brought him to Texas from Louisiana to meet his new foster and we all met up for lunch on a patio. When his foster home had to give him up due to life changes, I decided to foster to adopt him if he was a good fit with my then pack of 5.

Walker is described as...




Walker the service dog husky in Seattle

We had so much fun wandering around Lincoln Park in Seattle and just talking all things dogs. Sterling and Walker's mom is deeply rooted with rescues and had so many stories to share about the different rescues she's worked with.

Sterling and Walker are also ambassa-dogs for WAMAL rescue!

Here's what Sterling and Walker's mom had to say

"Marie is really such an incredible photographer. She is easy to work with, super easy going and relatable yet extremely talented. She is very accommodating to you and your pets abilities (training or physical/social handicaps). One of my dog’s is blind and she understood that his cues were vocal vs visual. I also have northern breeds so she was very understanding that they aren’t trusted completely off-lead. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and wish we had found her sooner. You’ll feel like you’re working with a friend in a relaxed environment yet you’ll get high quality photos to last a lifetime."

Sterling and Walker's family decided on a beautiful triplex folio to suit their small apartment in Mill Creek, Washington. This is a fantastic option for those who may not have much space for wall art or other artworks.

It now proudly sits on their mantle where they can see and enjoy it every day.

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Are you ready to embark on the Marie Wulfram Photography experience with your furry companion?

If so, I’d love to hear all about the special dog in your life!


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