When grieving, it can feel as though nobody understands what you are going through. Reading a book that deals with the concept of grief can help you feel seen and heard during an already difficult and lonely time.

A good book can also be a helpful tool to deal with the emotions you are experiencing and navigating the murky waters ahead.

Below is a list of books and articles that I hope you find helpful during this tough time and aid in your journey through grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

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Books for Adults

From personal stories to religious connections and even signs from the other side, stories surrounding the loss of a pet connect all of us together.

Children's books

Grief is hard for everyone, and trying to navigate your own grief while also trying to help your children understand and process their feelings as well can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are many literary resources geared towards children to help us bridge that gap when our own words are hard to find.

Journals and Workbooks

Writing forces our brains to slow down and process our thoughts in order to translate them to the page. Journals and workbooks are a great way to try processing our grief when it feels too overwhelming to think about.

My Pet Remembrance Journal by Enid Traisman

And I Love You Still... A Thoughtful Guide and Remembrance Journal for Healing the Loss of a Pet by Julianne Corbin, Ph.D.

The Kingdom of Heart: A Pet Loss Journal by Patty L. Luckenbach 

Online articles

P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna by Sarah Chauncey 

The first illustrated gift book for adults grieving the loss of an animal friend, https://www.morethantuna.com/about/

Anticipatory Grief: Fearing The Loss Of A Beloved Pet


Over 5o+ Pet Loss Articles


Know of another resource?

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