Helping your dogs and cats get through Fourth of July comfortably can be a challenge for some. The most common option that people turn to is medications from the vet.

Did you know that legally vets can't dispense a medication to you/your pet if they don't have a current exam on file? 

Not to mention, they can't dose it appropriately if they don't have a current weight.

So if your dog or cat is one that needs medications to get through the excessive and colorful explosions of the Fourth of July, then be sure to reach out to your vets ASAP. 

After working in vet med for many years, I've learned that a LOT of people wait until the last minute only to find out they don't have a current exam on file. 

Or worse, that the vet has run out of meds because everyone is waiting until the last minute. Thank you 1-800 pet meds and Chewy for helping to fill meds!

Looking for alternatives to medications for your pets?

Keep reading to see how you can help keep your dogs (and cats) comfortable this Fourth of July season.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not a veterinarian, so be sure to talk with your vet if you'd like to try any supplement options.

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Chocolate lab puppy resting on a blue and pink pillow  in a wire kennel - Keep dogs & cats comfortable this 4th of july

Safe Space

Provide a safe space for them to hide. For some this may be a crate, others it may be a room with some music or a television on.


Fill up the Kongs and bust out the puzzle toys! Give your dogs and cats something else to focus on other than the sounds of the world ending.


CBD products are known to have many health benefits for pets, and one of those is its calming effects.

If you've never used CBD products with your pets before, be sure to test things out before the big day so you know how they react to taking it.

Thunder Shirt

These come in many forms, but are essentially a tightly fitting piece of fabric or shirt of some sort that essentially hugs your pet, helping them to feel comforted even when you're not around.

Maincoon mix resting in a small black tv stand cubby  - Keep dogs & cats comfortable this 4th of july

Feliway (for cats)

Feliway is a wonderful, over-the-counter option that can help relax your kitty cats. It works by emulating the natural pheromones released by a mother cat to calm her kittens and comes in a handy diffuser for small spaces, or there's also a spray option you can use for kennels.

NaturVet Calming Aid (for dogs)

NaturVet Calming Aid dog supplement is enhanced with melatonin, ginger, L-Tryptophan and thiamin to reduce tension and stress in dogs, all in a tasty, chewy treat!

Also available for cats!

Desensitization Training

Start working with your pets now to help get them used to the noise of the big day. There are lots of videos on YouTube like this one you could use, starting quietly and slowly increasing in volume over time, providing treats and positive reinforcement the entire time.

You could also reach out to a local trainer like Brianna of All Ears Petcare for tips and advice as well.

Treat Party

If your dog is braving the noise and hanging out with you, reward them for their bravery! Shower them in treats and love so they know everything is going to be okay, just a little noisy for the night (or few nights).

Black pomeranian sitting on couch between two knees  - Keep dogs & cats comfortable this 4th of july

If you're anything like me, it's hard to have a good time if you're worried about how your fur-babies are doing.

Helping your dogs and cats get through Fourth of July comfortably is an important part of being a pet parent, and being prepared is the key.

If you'd like to try any of these options, give them a go before the big day and see how your dog or cat reacts to them.

Did you try any of these out in the past, or have other recommendations?

Be sure to share in the comments so others can try them out, too!

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