A few days prior to Thanksgiving, someone contacted me for a Celebration of Life session.

But this sessions wasn't for them. Instead they wanted to gift a session to their pet sitter who was suddenly preparing to say goodbye to one of their pups, Isabelle.

This incredibly kind client purchased the session and I immediately started making arrangements with the family.

The Story of Isabelle

A friend from high school was looking for a new home for her. We did a trial for her and the lady ended up just leaving her at our house. She instantly bonded with my husband, Jake.

Isabelle is described as...




The Story of Trooper

Rescued him at 16 years old from a coworker who was fostering him.

(He was 21 at the time of this session!)

Trooper is described as...




He also LOVED being in his pajamas!

We originally were planning to hold their session the Sunday following Thanksgiving, however it became clear that Isabelle didn't have that long.

So I drove out to their home in Snohomish the day after Thanksgiving to capture some final memories of this wonderful family together.

One wish the family had was to get one last holiday photo together, in their adorably matching outfits.

Family photo featuring 4 dogs and two humans, all wearing matching red and black holiday pajamas

The Story of Pierre

He picked his mom when she came to visit his litter at a local breeder in Bonney Lake.

Pierre is described as...




He enjoyed getting some pets, but was also very happy to hang out on the couch.

The Story of Dahlia Rose

An adorable addition from a local breeder.

Dahlia Rose is described as...




She had no problem sleeping in her crate and letting her older sister be the focus of the session, after some very wiggly introductions of course!

Since this session was for Isabelle, the focus was 95% on her and her parents. The other pets were of course around and joined in for some of the photos, but the spotlight was on Isabelle.

Indoor sessions are not something I typically offer, with the exception being Celebration of Life sessions.

Not all pets are comfortable at this point in being able to go to a park or somewhere exotic like most of my clients, and I'll do whatever is most comfortable for them and their family during this transition.

Black and white photos are also very popular for these sessions, and really convey the emotion during this period of life.

Isabelle's family chose to have their family photo as a framed canvas, electing for a payment plan to help with vet bills and the holidays.

It now hangs proudly as part of a memorial wall for Isabelle and the other fur-babies of years past.

Rest In Peace sweet Isabelle. I'm so blessed to have had a chance to meet you and help your family say good-bye.


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