Winter in Washington is beautiful, albeit cold. However, this special day for Luka and his little partner Mimosa, the sun was making an appearance. It was even a little warmer than normal!

That said, it did rain a teeny bit, but that was no problem for this adorable duo.

Their session took place at Priest Point Park in Olympia, Washington. A gorgeous area featuring forest trails and beach access. Being close to home for these two, this was the perfect location as little Mimosa was expected to have his share of time in the spotlight back at home.

Little did I know, he actually came along for an adventure of his own!

The Story of Luka

"I searched almost 2 years for his breeder and had to wait over a year on a waitlist just to get him! When I got him, it was when the lock down was happening at the beginning of covid. We met at a park on the outskirts of Seattle with his breeder and I got to see him and the rest of his siblings that were going home that day!! On the ride home I had a little carrier set up but I ended up holding him in my lap with a bully stick haha. I didn't wanna put him down!"

Luka is described as...




Luka is also his mom's service dog in training, and the bestest boy.

Black German Shepherd standing on the beach at Priest Point Park in Olympia looking at the dog photographer

The Story of Mimosa

"Momo and I met after a long time of searching for a local reptile breeder and planning on my new addition! I found a local small animal shop that has a contract with a local reptile breeder and had to check them out!! On walking in and finding the reptile section I started looking at what all they had (which was quite a lot for a smaller business!). At first I didn't notice him, but my mom did, Momos bright orange is very eye catching! My mom immediately wanted to take him home but i wanted to make sure it was the right fit! After a week of coming back to visit all the animals I felt the strongest connection to little Momo!! He's always been so incredibly fearless and adventurous and I've always loved that about him!"

Mimosa is described as...




Leopard gecko posed majestically on a mossy tree framed by leaves at Priest Point Park in Olympia

When Mimosa's mom brought him out of the car, I was so surprised!

She had brought him in a little container with a small towel and hand warmers underneath to keep him warm. Genius! And something I will for sure be recommending to small animal owners in the future who are interested in outdoor sessions for their teeny-tiny companions.

As the sun was getting ready to set, it was time to take things back home to do the second part of Mimosa's photo session; black backdrop studio pet portraits. These are perfect for smaller critters who don't normally go outdoors, though Mimosa definitely enjoyed his little adventure as well!

Here's was Luka and Mimosa's mom had to say after their session:

"My animals and I had an absolutely wonderful time meeting with Marie for photos!! Marie has been a dream to work with and goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is comfortable and the shoot goes as smoothly as possible! I will definitely be scheduling more photos with her in the future and recommend her to WA residents who are looking for a professional photographer! Overall a great experience and the photos are incredible (plus my pup came home nice and tired haha)."

For this Olympia pet session, Luka and Mimosa's mom opted for the digitals for now, but they already have another session planned for the summertime and are looking to go bigger next time around!

This time, Luka will be joined by his feline friend, Cosmo. I'll be sure to link their blog post here for you to see.

Are you ready to embark on the Marie Wulfram Photography experience with your furry companion?

If so, I’d love to hear all about the special dog in your life!


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