Tayah of Bauwauhaus Dog Training in Seattle reached out to me on a Thursday afternoon about her senior pup, Miso. She was preparing to say good bye in a little over a week and wanted a photo shoot to be a part of their epic last week together.

We set up a session for that Saturday morning.

We met at a local park to them in Everett so they wouldn't have to go far for their early morning session. The sun was shining beautifully on them that day as I had the pleasure of learning their story and getting to know this wonderful soul preparing for his journey across The Bridge.

Miso was as sweet and loving as any pitbull I've ever met. I simply love them and their giant hearts, and Miso was no different. Especially once he learned I came bearing treatos.

The Story of Miso

"A coworker’s aunt was rehoming him… for the 4th time! I decided to step in, he was dropped off at my doorstep, and the rest is history."

Sounds to me like he kept getting rehomed because he hadn't found the right home, until Tayah.

Miso is described as...




After our session, Miso went on to have an amazing last week with his mom. She treated him to one amazing day after another, living by the line "Best day ever, until tomorrow" and each day was definitely incredible.

Tayah shared a lot of it openly on Instagram, wanting to help others who may be going through that inevitable goodbye.

One Instagram story she shared included this:

"I hope Miso and I have shown you that there is love and hope in the darkest of places, and that you can always get by and make it through. That there is love that will transcend beyond every plane of existence and it is the most earth shattering, soul-fulfilling experience that you can never force. 

But I also want to show that even the best of things, the once in a lifetime kind of love, must come to an end."

Here's what Miso's mom had to say about the experience:

Marie Wulfram Photography was incredible to work with, was more patient than I could ask for, and understood how time sensitive getting these done was without hesitation.

She was kind, compassionate, and gentle with Miso. She was even more so with me.

She came to Everett from Tacoma at 7:30am on both a Saturday and a Sunday for us, and I had these photos in hand before he passed which is not her normal timeframe and was an absolute gift to be able to see with him still by my side.

She recognized my macabre/weirdness and recommended I contact alternative body processing spots, including Resting Waters and various preservation people in the area.

She saw Miso for the dog he is, and saw me for who I am and was so much more than just a photographer. She lifted so much weight off of my shoulders and I am so grateful.

It is truly an honour to be welcomed into a family's life as they prepare to say good-bye to their furry loved ones.

To be able to hear the stories that led to so much love between humans and animals. To get to know the beautiful souls within. And to be able to help these families before, and after, the time has come.

Miso, you will never be forgotten, and are truly missed by so, so many people.

Thank you for being you. 🖤

Are you preparing to say good-bye to the furry love of your life as well?

I would be honored to capture some lasting memories before they go.

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