Scout and Bindi's mom first reached out to me for a senior session for sweet Scout. She mentioned how 14 was starting to catch up with her and that they wanted to get professional photos while she was still doing well.

Scout is also a "child of divorce" as you might say, having shared custody between the husband and his now wife, and the ex-wife.

Joint custody of pets is becoming more and more common, and it's honestly a true testament to how much we love our pets.

Anyhow, we settled on a lovely beach theme for their session, and I encouraged them to bring their other dog along, Bindi.

The Story of Scout

Scout came to us from Roswell NM where she was found hanging out around the Roswell airport with another dog. She was found by her first mom and brought back to WA on board a Boeing test flight. My first distinct memory of her is that of a scrawny, tired, loving pup being pushed pushed around in a shopping cart at Petsmart.

Scout is described as...




She was such a sweetheart during her session, and very interested in watching all the beach happenings that afternoon.

Scout and Bindi were so different in their personalities and simply who they are as dogs.

Scout being a senior gal was laid back and pretty relaxed during her session. She's mostly deaf but did great regardless.

Bindi wanted to make friends with everyone and was full of energy despite playing on the beach before their session!

Together, they made for a lovely pair to work with, their personalities complimenting each other well.

Here's what Scout and Bindi's mom had to say:

"She is just amazing to work with, good communication, the girls loved her. The pictures she took and edited were incredible! I can’t speak enough to how pleasant our experience was with her."
Collection of pet photography products - Framed canvas, folio box, album and more

Scout and Bindi's parents went all out after their session!

Going with 3 framed canvases, a 10x10 fine art album, a folio box with 20 matted prints and finishing it off with an acrylic block print.

The natural barnwood frames matched this beach session perfectly, and were a lovely addition to their home.

They chose to have me install them in a diagonal style right outside their bedroom so "their faces will always be the first thing they see in the morning" as their mom said.

Super, super sweet.

Are you ready to embark on the Marie Wulfram Photography experience with your furry companion? If so, I’d love to hear all about the special dog in your life!


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