If you're not familiar with my Celebration of Life sessions, also commonly named Rainbow sessions or End-of-Life sessions, they are sessions built for aged or ailing pets who are preparing for their final adventure, to cross the rainbow bridge.

Despite what you may be thinking, these are not sessions about getting final images of your dying pets. Instead, they are to celebrate the life you had together and how much they mean to you and your family. Hence the name, Celebration of Life Session.

If you're considering a session for your pet who may be aged or ailing, continue reading to learn more about what a Celebration of Life session is like and how they can be an important part in starting the grieving process with your best friend still by your side.

They aren't as sad as you might think

The circumstances that have led you to this session may be sad, but that doesn't mean the session itself has to be. This is a time to celebrate all the wonderful moments and adventures you've shared with your fur-baby; the good, the bad and the fluffy. We'll enjoy all the things your pet loves to do while reminiscing on some of the best memories you've shared together.

There's no time limit

This is true of all my sessions, but especially so for Celebration of Life sessions. Perhaps your dog is moving a bit slower these days or your cat is very shy of new people. We'll work with them, on their time and within their abilities. No rush and no stress.

It can be a party!

It is a Celebration after all! We can include treats and goodies, and even invite some of your pets fur-iends if you'd like for one last hurrah! If the session is taking place on their last day then I can bring along a burger or some other goodies for them to enjoy as well.

They can help you begin the grieving process before your best friend is gone

I know I said they aren't sad, but anytime we think about losing our pets it's not easy. While there will definitely be some fun and happy moments to enjoy, we'll also start working through the grieving process by talking about everything that is going on.

I'll ask you questions about how you met and some of your favorite memories, but also how you got the news and how you're doing as well as questions to help you start thinking about life when they leave for their final journey.

This can be so incredibly powerful in helping to face what's coming, and being able to do it while they are still there cuddling up next to you. Don't worry, I'll bring tissues.

A Note: We don't HAVE to talk about these things if it's too hard. I understand. But it can be such a powerful tool in helping with what you're dealing with and I will always provide a safe and loving space for my clients.

No Pressure: They aren't for everyone

If your pets have progressed to a point that you don't want to remember them, please don't guilt yourself into a Celebration of Life session with them. If the photos are going to bring back memories of sadness, then simply spending quality time with them in their final days may be what's best for you. And that's absolutely okay.

The most important thing that I want all my clients to take away, both current clients and future potential Celebration of Life clients, is that these are to honour your pets and how incredibly special of a bond you shared with them. No two sessions are the same and they are tailored to each pet and family.

If your family is on the road to the Rainbow Bridge to say goodbye, please reach out even if you just want someone to talk to. Working in veterinary medicine I've helped countless families say goodbye, and every single one has left a paw print on my heart. I'd be honoured to help you move through this as well, whether with my photography or just by being a shoulder to cry on. I can promise you, I'll be crying alongside you.

If you need a Celebration of Life session, even if you need it TODAY, reach out and I'll get you taken care of. For same day needs, please call or text (I know emotions are running high, so please feel free to text if it's easiest) me at 253-396-0033.

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