Remember that snow storm that completely covered Western Washington in over a foot of snow, but suddenly was gone four days later? If you have a husky or other snow breed dog, I'm sure you do!

Thor and Winter's mom was looking for photos of her two white huskies in the snow. We'd been trying for a few week's to have a session happen at Gold Creek Pond, but the amount of snow and constant avalanche warnings kept forcing me to push the date back, hoping for the snow to melt to a more manageable level.

And then the weather gods blessed us with a low-land snow storm!

As soon as I heard that forecast, I reached out and we scheduled for that Saturday.

Holding hands and paws together
Siberian husky photo session
Siberian husky looking at camera during photo session
Siberian husky portrait - Dog Photographer
Two white siberian huskies in the snow
Siberian husky portrait - Dog Photography

Here's what Thor and Winter's mom had to say after their session:

I can't speak any more highly of my experience with Marie Wulfram Photography! We were very lucky to have won her first ever Howl-iday giveaway.

The initial contact was quick - we filled out a form that asked for our preferences in terms of when we'd like to have the photoshoot, what environment we are picturing as well as what shots we were wanting. There was also a section about getting to know my dogs and their preferences as well. She had contacted us back within the same day.

I communicated my concern about having my dogs off-leash... they're huskies after all. She communicated back (again, same day) and mentioned that huskies are one of her favorite breeds and she can accommodate that.

Since we have Siberian Huskies, we were wanting snow pictures in January. Marie had recommended several different locations that had snow - all were very excellent. We decided to have the photoshoot up in the mountain pass on a weekend but due to road conditions every weekend, we were unable to as it was not safe.

When it snowed locally, Marie had contacted me and asked if there was a go-to dog park we visit and she drove 3+ hours in 10+ inches of snow! That is dedication!

During the photoshoot, Marie had many dog treats and toys in hand that my dogs loved to be able to get good shots. To say that I love all of the pictures is an understatement.

Overall, Marie is very personable, dedicated and her love for animals definitely shows. She shows passion in her work and makes sure her clients have the best experience. I highly recommend her!

Thank you Marie!!

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