With Thanksgiving happening this week and the holidays rapidly approaching, many are turning inward to think about who and what they're grateful for this year. For many, that list includes their beloved canine companions. But what about them? What is your dog grateful for?

Some scientists don't think dogs are capable of gratitude, but if you've ever loved a dog for long enough you would know that just can't be true. The way they happily wag their tail after you feed them, or the gentle (or not so gentle) lick on the face after you pull a thorn from their paw would tell you that on some level they are grateful for you and the love you share.

Suppose they DO feel gratitude as deeply as we do. What do you think your dog would be grateful for this year?

Husky standing in a river looking up at camera
Dachshund puppy sitting in dog mom's lap
Doberman playing with a ball in Tacoma park

The extra quality time

It would come as no surprise that many of them are loving the extra quality time that this pandemic has brought to our lives. Perhaps more walks and hikes alongside the extra cuddles on the couch.

The high quality treats

These days there is no shortage of high quality dog foods and treats on the market, such as Cheddar and Bacon Boss Dog ProPuffs from Pet Pros in Tacoma. If you have a particularly picky pup then they're sure to be even more grateful to you for finding just the right treats and foods for them.

Knowing juuust the right spot to scratch every time

While some dogs are easy to please with your standard belly rubs, your dog may have that one sweet spot that's just the perfect spot and only you know how to find it with 100% accuracy every time. How could they not be grateful for that kind of love?

SIberian husky laying on a bench in Tacoma
Washington dog photographer captures dachshund dancing in front of picturesque mountains

Countless adventures

If your dog is a true Paw-cific Northwest dog, then the love of adventure surely runs through their blood. Living in the wonderful state of Washington with its endless possibilities for adventure is a recipe for gratitude. Are you one to take your dog on weekend hikes or camping trips?

The greatest adventure of all: Family

No matter what sort of personality or type of dog you have, there's one thing that every dog is sure to be thankful for, and that's the unconditional love of a family.

Hold your dogs close this holiday season. As much as they are grateful to have you I'm sure you're just as grateful to have them in your life.

What do you think your dog is most grateful for this year? Share in the comments!

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