No two dog photography sessions are perfectly alike. But there are some things that you may not be expecting when it comes to your dog's special day. Allow me to walk you through what to expect at your dog photography session so you can be fully prepared for your big day.

Before your session

Any big day really starts with the planning that leads up to it.

In order to have a successful photo session for your dog, a lot of careful planning takes place.

This includes a detailed questionnaire to make sure we create the best experience for your dog, all while creating beautiful artworks that capture their spirit.

This takes place after you book your session so we can work together to iron out all the details such as date and location, types of artworks you're looking to create and also allowing me to get to know you and your dog better.

During your session

This is when the magic happens, but also when a few other things happen that you may not be expecting.

Your dog will run the show, mostly

We'll start our time together by allowing your dog to get to know me and my camera so they can feel as relaxed as possible. This time differs for each dog. Some will be ready to have fun immediately while others may take a half hour or more to get comfortable.

Once they are comfortable with me, we'll let them run around and have fun while I follow them around like their personal paparazzi. Your dog is free to do at they please. Their only job at this point is to be a dog. If they interact with you as well, great! Just remember to smile and don't pay too much attention to the camera.

Other things may happen depending on what we've discussed such as a hike, picnic or other more specific activities. The sky is the limit, and this should be a special, stress-free time for you to get away from the day to day and make memories.

Tacoma dogs on leash or off leash during your session

Your dog will be on leash

This may surprise you. However the safety and security of your dog's are of the utmost importance to me. All purchased photos include professional leash/collar removal so you never have to worry about the safety of your dog.

If we are in a fenced in area and you would like to let them off leash, that is totally fine and completely your choice. Same goes for if you have a highly trained dog with impeccable recall. Otherwise, they will be on leash.

But don't worry! I have extra long leashes so they may still run "free" during our time together.

I'll spend a lot of time laying on the ground

Unlike during a human photo session, when you're capturing dogs the best place to be is closer to the ground. Often times this means laying down on the ground. This is the best way to see your dog at their level, to really become a part of their world.

I may ask you to stand over me

That's right, time to get up close and personal.

Some dogs are so madly in love with their human companions that they will ALWAYS look at you, no matter what toys or treats I may have for them.

All that matters is you (awww).

But this means that in order to get them to look at me and my camera, I'll need you nearby. And when I'm laying on the ground, that means abandoning social awkwardness and standing over me.

I'll be making all sorts of strange noises

Treats, toys and strange noises are some of the most effective tools in my bag for gaining your dog's attention. Even the most stubborn of dogs will have something that motivates them to be interested in my camera, even if for just a moment.

Sometimes these noises will come from toys and sometimes I myself will be making the noises (a skill that I practice at home while my cats look at me like I've lost it).

Dog portrait session at Point Defiance Park

After your session

Most clients finish up there session saying something like "I can't wait to see the photos!" and you won't have to.

The very next day we'll meet up again in the comfort of your own home to go through your gallery together. This is so helpful for many owners as trying to narrow down your favorite images and decide what products to get can be really hard!

You'll have my assistance to help you design the products that you'll not only love but will fit with your lifestyle and home décor.

Touch and feel each product while imagining your gorgeous images in them and around your home. You'll even get to see what your images will look like right on your own wall!

The hand delivery of products

Physical products take 3-5 weeks to be delivered. Once they arrive, I carefully inspect all products to make sure they arrived safely and as expected. Then you tell me when you're ready to have them delivered!

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