Simply put, I love dogs.

Rather than make you read a whole huge post before finally telling you at the end why it is that I love dog photography, I'll tell you right now because it's really pretty simple.

I prefer dogs over people.

As someone who's on the spectrum, I've always found it easier to connect to our canine companions than it is to connect with people. From wanting to be a vet and a zoo keeper when I was just a wee little girl to finally working in a vet clinic in 2012, animals have always been close to my heart.

(Fun fact: my spirit animal is a wolf.)

Agouti husky playing during photo session at Fort Steilacoom Park

The moment I knew I was destined to be a dog photographer

In 2019, after years of trying to make human photography work for me, something just clicked. I love wildlife and animals, and I LOVED all the dogs and cats that I worked with on a daily basis in my day job of working in veterinary medicine. Why not combine the two things I loved? It just made sense!

Like many photographers who decide to try pets, I started working with shelters and my then co-workers at the specialty veterinary hospital I worked at. One of my co-workers needed some photos of their aging furry family member and I offered him a complimentary session. It was SO much fun getting to play with his three pups and capture photos of their rambunctious spirit!

After sending off his gallery of photos (and hearing how much he loved the photos), he then shared the photos with some of our co-workers. One such instance I happened to be standing nearby. A dear friend of mine took his phone, scrolled through his gallery, and started CRYING. She told me how she loved the images and how she wished so badly that she had photos like that of her beloved dog who had passed.

And that was it. That pure display of love and remembering moments gone. That was the exact moment that I knew, without a doubt, that I was meant to photograph pets. To help owners capture the essence of their pets and the bond they share with them, so that they can hold on to those memories for years to come.

Two pomsky husky mix dogs at Fort Steilacoom Park

Dog Photography for your furry family

Whether they're just a puppy (which goes by faster than human babies) or an aging senior pet, I love dogs and pets of all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for artworks to memorialize your furry companions for a lifetime, don't hesitate to reach out today!

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