Easily the most frequently asked question I receive is this:

Does my pet have to be off leash?

Your pet's safety is very important to me.

90% of the pets that I photograph have leashes and collars on and most places around Washington require pets be on leash.

All purchased images include professional retouching and leash/collar removal when needed.

Just take a look at this before and after to see what I mean.

Before, safely on leash near mom and dad

After, with full retouching

What if my pet isn't trained?

Every pet has a personality that is just oh so them.

I've worked with puppies, rescues and all sorts of different species of animals.

I've got a large bag of tricks to dig into that is sure to help even the most stubborn of dogs relax and have fun.

Can you work with shy/aggressive pets?

Let's meet in person before your session!

If you have a dog or pet who is shy, nervous or even a little aggressive, this can also be a great time to introduce them to me and my camera and work on getting them used to me prior to their session.

This has worked really well in the past and has allowed me to work with dogs who tend not to like strangers very much.

We'll also take plenty of time during your session and I'll keep my distance as needed so they can relax and be as comfortable as possible.

Precious, a semi-aggressive pup, smiling away during her session.

Do I have to be in the photos?

I get it, I'm not a fan of being photographed either!

We can discuss all the ways that you will be included in your pet's session whether it's just as an "animal handler" or we're getting precious moments that are shared between you and your furry companions.

Many clients have found that the photos that include them, even if it's just a hand, over the shoulder or at your feet, end up being the photos that end up on their walls!

I don't have space for wall art, can I just get the digitals?

Every image purchased as a product comes with the matching web-optimized digital file.

However, photographs aren’t meant to lurk eternally on a hard drive, USB or disk. They’re meant to be printed, displayed, touched and shared.

Those with limited wall space might love an album or perhaps a keepsake box with smaller prints.

I do offer digital image collections that come with high resolution digital files as well for those who truly do just want the digital images.

When do sessions take place?

Sessions take place on select Mondays and Tuesdays approximately 1.5 hours prior to sunset for the best light.

Weekdays give us the added benefit of reducing the amount of other people/dogs out at parks or on trails!

Limited Sunday sessions are available for those looking for a more adventurous or exotic location (such as a trip to the coast or somewhere with a bit of hiking involved).

End of Life sessions are available any time dependent on availability. Reach out ASAP if you need same day/week service via text at 253-693-0033.

When do I see the photos?

Ordering appointments take place within 1 week!

I'll bring the party to your home and together we'll go through all your images, view samples of each product and customize your keepsakes to suit your style best.

Ordering appointments are Wednesdays and Thursdays, and begin anytime between 5-7pm.

My pet doesn't have much time left, can you help?

My sincerest condolences as I know exactly what you must be going through right now.

Please reach out to me ASAP and often times I can get you in last minute (even same day). 

Text me at 253-693-0033 for fastest service.

Click here to learn more about Rainbow Sessions (sometimes called End of Life or Celebration of Life).