Breed of the Month

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Each month you'll have the chance to show off your pet's special traits and personality by entering the Pet of the Month Giveaway!

What's breed of the month?

I started the Pet of the Month giveaway as a chance to be able to diversify my portfolio and perfect photography techniques I may have learned or that need a bit of brushing up.

What can you win?

A FREE photo session for your pet with a complimentary 11x14 matted print of your choice.

Even if you're pet isn't chosen, all pets are winners in my eyes! Everyone who enters will receive a special offer so every pet wins!

Who can enter?

Any pet can enter as long as they match the theme of the month!

May's Breed of the Month: Silken Windhound and Saluki

I had the pleasure of meeting one for the first time when I was first getting started with pet photography! I was visiting Marymoore Dog Park and just happened to meet a lovely older woman and her beautiful Silken Windhound.

I chose to have two similar breeds for this month as they aren't super common, so I wanted to open this month to a slightly larger group (though, likely still pretty small).

These beautiful dogs deserve some time in the limelight for sure!

Enter your Saluki or Silken Windhound for a chance to win!