Enter to WIN!

Each month you'll have the chance to show off your pet's special traits and personality by entering the Pet of the Month Giveaway!

What's pet of the month?

I started the Pet of the Month giveaway as a chance to be able to diversify my portfolio and perfect photography techniques I may have learned or that need a bit of brushing up.

What can you win?

A FREE photo session for your pet with a complimentary 11x14 mounted print of your choice.

Even if you're pet isn't chosen, all pets are winners in my eyes! Everyone who enters will receive a special offer so every pet wins!

Who can enter?

Any pet can enter as long as they match the theme of the month! Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, anyone!

October's Theme: Heterochromia

Whether your pet is sporting one blue eye and one brown eye or has a mix of brown and blue in the same eye (or both eyes), this month I want to showcase those gorgeous eyes!