Two Hearts Four Paws is a fundraising project by Marie Wulfram Photography that celebrates the stories of pets who’ve helped their owners navigate the waters of mental health, together.

Through heartfelt photography and stories that illustrate just how much they mean to us, this limited edition coffee table book is sure to inspire anyone going through the ups and downs of mental health - all whilst raising much needed funds for Predators of the Heart in Anacortes, Washington.

All pets will be photographed safely on-leash and no training is required to participate!

Your $99 registration fee includes:

  • A professional portrait session for one special pet and their one human.

  • A double-page spread featuring your pet’s story and photo in the Two Hearts Four Paws book.

  • $50 of the registration fee is donated to our animal rescue partners: Predators of the Heart in Anacortes.

Please note: Digital files and printed products (including the finished Two Hearts Four Paws book) are not included in your registration fee, but they will be available for purchase at your ordering appointment. You will have the opportunity to order printed portraits and artwork at your ordering appointment held within a few days following the photo session. No minimum purchase is required.

Registration closed!

On the fence? Here's what past clients had to say

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Lillian, Sterling + Walker's mom

Marie is really such an incredible photographer. She is easy to work with, super easy going and relatable yet extremely talented. She is very accommodating to you and your pets abilities (training or physical/social handicaps). One of my dog’s is blind and she understood that his cues were vocal vs visual ... she was very understanding that they aren’t trusted completely off-lead .... You’ll feel like you’re working with a friend yet you’ll get high quality photos to last a lifetime.

The Finer Details

  • Portrait sessions for Two Hearts Four Paws book will be held between May 2022 - September 2022 at a pet-friendly location within the greater Puget Sound/Western Washington area.

  • The project will be photographed over several months but only weekday bookings are guaranteed for these sessions. Weekend bookings will be subject to photographer’s availability.

  • A session upgrade is available for photographing more than one pet as well as choosing a custom date/location for your session.

  • As a thank you for participating in this project, you will receive artwork credit to spend on wall art collections and albums purchases. This credit must be used at your ordering appointment and is not redeemable for cash.

  • Two Hearts Four Paws is scheduled to be published in early November 2022, and available to purchase for approximately $75 + delivery. Pre-orders will be announced later this year.

  • Special offers, gift cards and marketing vouchers can not be redeemed on these fundraising sessions.

  • Registration fee, once it’s paid, is not refundable.

Registrations are closed.

Spots are strictly limited and will go quickly, so jump on it while you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet have to be a service or emotional support animal to be included?

Nope! As long as your pet helps you and your mental health in some way, then you are welcome to be a part of this special project!

I don't want to be in the photos.

I get it, I'm not a super fan of having my photo taken either.

This project focuses on the pets who have made an impact on our mental health, and while it's not required to be fully in the photos, it's encouraged to be a part of them.

This could be just a hand, at your feet, in your lap or over your shoulder. Showing the bond you share together and keeping the focus on them.

My dog/cat/etc can't be off leash.

Your pet's safety is very important to me.

90% of the pets that I photograph have leashes and collars on.

All purchased images include professional retouching and leash/collar removal when needed.

My dog flunked obedience class and never listens.

Every dog has a personality that is just oh so them.

I've worked with puppies, rescues and all sorts of different species of animals. Even if they aren't trained or in the prime of their life, I know you'll love the incredible images we capture that really showcases their personality and the love you have for them.

I've got a large bag of tricks to dig into that is sure to help even the most stubborn of dogs relax and have fun.

My soul dog/cat doesn't have much time left, can we still be included?

My sincerest condolences as I know exactly what you must be going through right now.

Please reach out to me directly, before applying, to discuss options. But I'm sure we can make it work and memorialize your special pet in this special project.

Text: 253-693-0099

I don't have space for wall art and just want the digital files.

Knowing that we live in a digital era, I get it. That's why every image purchased as a product comes with the matching web-optimized digital file.

However, photographs aren’t meant to lurk eternally on a hard drive, USB or disk. They’re meant to be printed, displayed, touched and shared.

There are many options for your photos that aren't limited to hanging on the wall. I do also offer digital image collections that come with high resolution digital files as well.

Can my pet be included if I currently have an upcoming session booked?

Absolutely! Registration is still required and we can include the photos from your current session in the book.

Meet your Paw-tographer!

Hey there!

I'm Marie Wulfram, autistic animal lover and your pet's new best friend!

Using my experience of working with animals all my life, you can rest assured knowing you and your pets are in good "paws".

The images we create together will become cherished keepsakes that you'll love looking back on for many, many years to come.