Despite being around for a long time, dog photography is still seen as a relatively new thing. You might think you'd have to be a "crazy dog mom" to even consider wanting to spend money on a photo session for your pup. Why should capturing those special memories with our dogs be any different then newborn or family photos for your kids?

But not just any photographer can capture those special moments with your dogs. Here are the top reasons you should hire a professional DOG photographer instead of just any family photographer.

1 // They'll be ready to roll around in the mud

One thing that's different about photographing dogs versus people is that you have to be ready to get down and dirty at every session. Whether I'm photographing a chihuahua or a great dane, there will be plenty of times that I'll be getting down on the ground so I can be on eye level with your dog.

This is very important to capturing stunning dog photos and not something you usually have to worry about when photographing people (on the contrary, many human photographers will have step stools to get up higher).

2 // They'll know how to work with a subject that doesn't understand what they're saying

Unlike people, dogs only understand a small fraction of what you're saying to them. You can't tell a dog to just turn slightly to the left and lift their head, oh and smile! Dog photographers know how to capture those smiles and poses without being able to ask their subjects to strike a pose.

3 // They'll be pros at capturing hyper dogs

Dogs have seemingly endless amounts of energy! They are constantly moving, even when they are sitting pretty for their favorite treat. You need a photographer that is an expert at being able to capture those constantly moving fluff balls of yours while still having their adorable little faces fully in focus.

This not only has to do with skill but also the right camera equipment, which is a little different than what a typical family photographer might have.

4 // They'll have all the best treats and toys

Treats and toys are a must have at any photo experience for your dog. It's the only way to get them to work with us and be interested in sitting or doing the things we're trying to ask of them. When you work with me, I'll have all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to keep your dog entertained and happy while we work together.

5 // They'll be able to make the strangest noises

A good smelling treat and a squeaky tennis ball aren't always enough to keep your dog's attention for as long as you need in order to capture all the best photos (because they don't just have one good side, every side is adorable angles of floof).

That means resorting to things like animal calls and making the strangest noises with my own voice. It takes practice and who else would really spend time practicing strange dog-bird sounds (besides than toddlers) other than a dog photographer?

6 // They'll know how to edit dog photos

Editing dog photos is not the same as editing photos for a human face. And while there are endless amounts of videos and education on editing people, it takes a bit more work and practice to learn how to edit photos for your furry family members.

Not to mention, I've become a pro at leash and owner removals.

7 // They'll love your dog almost as much as you

ANY pet photographer out there will tell you that their passion started with a love for pets. Dog photographers get into the industry because, frankly, we like dogs more than people. When you hire a dog specific photographer, you'll know you're hiring someone who will love what they do and love who they are working with. No matter their size, shape, breed, disabilities, or anything else that makes them unique. Those things only make them cuter.

8 // Hire the right professional for the job

You wouldn't hire a plumber to do your electrical work. Don't hire a family photographer to capture your dog's priceless memories. If you're looking to capture the true essence of your canine companions, then you want to be sure to invest in a professional dog photographer.

Ready to schedule your dog's custom photography adventure?

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