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The only thing better than curling up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and a good book, is doing it with your dog.

If you're like most of my dog photography clients, then you work hard so your dog can have the best life possible. Full of all the treats, toys and enriching activities a dog could dream of.

Why? Because you love them more than you thought you could love anything, more than you can even comprehend. Sometimes you just look down at the adorable dog looking up at you and can't believe how lucky you are to have them in your life. Whether you're having the best day ever or the worst, the are there for you 100%.

husky laying on a log in tacoma

Hey there dog lover!

My name is Marie, I'm a professional dog and pet photographer based in Tacoma, and there is a 100% chance I will fall in love with your dog. Why? Because dogs, and all animals, are a part of who I am. This love fuels my work and helps bring you the best photography experience possible for you and your dog.

"But MY dog would never sit still for photos..."

If you're like most of my clients, this is probably what you're thinking right now. I've worked with dogs from all walks of life, in all seasons of their lives from rambunctious puppy-hood to golden senior years. I've worked in veterinary clinics as an assistant and partnered with rescues to help dogs find their forever homes. No matter the dog, you'll love the artworks that end up in your home.

Tacoma dog photographer Marie Wulfram being licked in the face by a great pyrenees
Tacoma Dog Photographer photographs husky eyes artistically in ferns

“Our animal friends teach us more than we could have expected and love us more than we could have hoped… that’s why we miss them more than we could have imagined.”

If you value…

– your dog as an important member of the family,

– high quality prints, albums and wall art

– and a photographer that specializes in working with animals,

…then keep reading to learn how you can perfectly celebrate your dog.

Tail Waggin' Pet Parents

“Marie is really such an incredible photographer. She is easy to work with, super easy going and relatable yet extremely talented. She is very accommodating to you and your pets abilities (training or physical/social handicaps). One of my dog’s is blind and she understood that his cues were vocal vs visual... she was very understanding that they aren’t trusted completely off-lead.... You’ll feel like you’re working with a friend in a d environment yet you’ll get high quality photos to last a lifetime.”

“Hands down excellent customer service and pet photography! ... Marie was absolutely lovely to work with. She worked so well with our dog during the photoshoot. Our pup is a stubborn one so it was amazing to watch how well they interacted. The photos from that shoot came out beautifully and now adorn our walls in our home. ... The process felt seamless and very easy. I highly recommend Marie Wulfram Photography for your pet photography needs!!”

“I can't speak any more highly of my experience with Marie Wulfram Photography! ... When it snowed locally, Marie had contacted me and asked if there was a go-to dog park we visit and she drove 3+ hours in 10+ inches of snow! That is dedication! ... To say that I love all of the pictures is an understatement. Overall, Marie is very personable, dedicated and her love for animals definitely shows. She shows passion in her work and makes sure her clients have the best experience. I highly recommend her!”

“Marie took pictures of 2 of my pups and they turned out AMAZING, the quality of the photos is really good and she offers them digitally which is perfect for my social media life. Marie was excellent to work with, she communicated everything so clearly and during the photo shoot she was patient and let the dogs be their normal happy and wiggly selves and it was such a fun experience for all of us. Highly recommend!”

“Looking for a pet photographer? Look no further! MARIE IS AMAZING - end of story! She was able to capture so many amazing photos of my pup Maverick! This was my second time working with Marie. I applaud her as it is not always the easiest to capture dogs who want to do their own thing, but she makes the process seem seamless! My husky puppy will most definitely not stay this small forever and I appreciate Marie so much for capturing these moments! Mav and I look forward to working with her again!”

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