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Woman on a rope swing holding senior dog for a portrait session in Tacoma

Capturing Connection + Making Memories

The relationship we have with our pets is like nothing else, and if we're lucky, we get to enjoy it for 15 blissful years or more. And when we can no longer hold their furry faces close to us, that's the moment photographs and albums shine brightest.

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More than just getting some photos, your session will be a special experience for you and your dog to enjoy together. The best form of enrichment, it'll be full of cuddling, exploring new places, meeting new people, and of course, ALL the treats!

"She saw Miso for the dog he is, and saw me for who I am and was so much more than just a photographer."

Tayah K.
Dog portrait Photographer, Cat portrait photographer in Seattle Tacoma Puget Sound area
Autistic. Mom. Animal Advocate. Gamer. Photographer.

Hey there, I'm Marie

My mission is creating stunning artworks of the most beautiful moments with your pets.

When you see them in your home, I want you to smile, laugh and remember all the wonderful adventures you've shared with your dog or cat.

How crazy they were. How deeply they loved. And how they had your back through all of life's ups and downs.

Flat-lay of a fine art album and matching storage box featuring a golden retriever

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Miso's Mom, Tayah K.

Portrait of dog and red haired woman above red couch in Seattle Livingroom

She was kind, compassionate, and gentle with Miso. She was even more so with me. I had these photos in hand before he passed which is not her normal timeframe and was an absolute gift to be able to see with him still by my side.

She recognized my macabre/weirdness and recommended I contact alternative body processing spots, including Resting Waters and various preservation people in the area.

She saw Miso for the dog he is, and saw me for who I am and was so much more than just a photographer.