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Hey, I'm Marie! My mission is creating beautiful artworks of the most adorable dogs in Washington (which is ALL of them, am I right?).

Having artworks of your most cherished pets is akin to having a piece of them, a part of who they are, with you at all times.

They'll always have a special place in your heart. I'll help you make sure they always have a special place in your home, too.

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The relationship we have with our pets is like nothing else, but tragically their lifespans are much shorter than ours so we can't have that relationship forever. That's why we need photos of our pets. Some day it's what we have left to remind us of what they were like when they were with us.

Client Love

Butterscotch's paw-rent

“I think a lot of dog parents think that their cell phone photos of their dogs are good enough, but I can attest that is not true, and that professional dog photos will become their favorite photos of all time. Putting my photos of Butterscotch next to yours - there's no contest. I'd never blow up a photo I took to hang on the wall. I have the one you gave me and it looks absolutely incredible blown up. So crisp. So clean. And such an amazing photo. The editing, the lighting, his expression.”

- Limited Dog photography sessions monthly -

So every client gets the time, attention and treats they deserve.

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