Nearing the end of the season for this location, this little dachshund got to enjoy this Snoqualmie Pass location as one of my last for the year before the snow set in.

It was a little rainy for their session, but nothing we couldn't handle! It was very come and go, and made for some lovely clouds around the mountains in the distance as well.

The Story of Martha

My husband has always known that he wanted to have a dog that was "long and low to the ground", so we decided to get a mini dachshund. After finding a breeder that we liked, Martha's litter came along and we knew she was the one for us from the first picture we received of her. Her eyes and markings were so special. We picked up Martha on New Year's Eve and got to welcome 2020 with our precious girl!

Martha is described as...




During her session, I learned that Martha is actually not a fan of water. At one point we tried getting some photos near a small river and as she was climbing onto her mom's back that's when they mentioned her fear. But she was a trooper and still tried her best!

Martha did get to enjoy her favorite toy, a tennis ball launching nerf gun! She chased that ball so much and was totally tired out after her session.

During their ordering appointment, Martha kept trying to make herself at home in my suitcase. She was such a darling to work with and hope to again someday!

Here's what Martha's mom had to say

"We did a photoshoot with Marie back in October and had the most amazing experience! The location she recommended for the shoot was perfect and she took great care of us. She was so professional and was great with our Martha! We were worried that Martha's love for food would get in the way of the photoshoot, but Marie had all kinds of tricks up her sleeve to keep Martha engaged. We absolutely love her photography style and are obsessed with all of our photos!"

Martha's family went with a little bit of everything! They chose to go with a portrait trio featuring each of them holding Martha and one of them together. An album was a must have as well as a folio box of their 20 favorite images as matted 8x10's for around the home.

Are you ready to embark on the Marie Wulfram Photography experience with your furry companion? If so, I’d love to hear all about the special dog in your life!


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