There are a few different stages to working with Marie Wulfram Photography as your pet's photographer, from the moment you reach out to inquire to the final delivery of artworks and products. This series will walk you through what each step looks like and what you can expect along the way.

In the third of this four part series, learn more about the what to expect at your ordering appointment the day after your session.

The Ordering Appointment

Yesterday you had a ton of fun running around and playing with your pets. But today is the day you get to sit back and relax, and see all the beautiful images we created, together.

If you've worked with a photographer before, chances are you just got an email with a link to your gallery full of tons and tons of images, many of which looked very similar, and never heard from your photographer again (I know I have).

Or worse, they sent it to you and said "let me know which ones you want to buy" leaving you to sort through the hundred or so photos to somehow narrow them down to 10 or 20 (sadly I'm guilty of this one in the past).

As a full-service photographer, it's my job to take away all the stress and hassle, and provide you with a simple and easy experience that results in exactly what you're heart wants. The gallery you see will be narrowed down to the best of the best, and you'll have me there to help you narrow them down even further if needed.

Even better, you'll be able to see and touch all of the samples so you can purchase with confidence having seen the products in person.

I always joke that it will look like I'm staying for a while when I show up with all my samples in tow.

We'll kick off the ordering appointment by going through your photos and working to narrow them down.

From there it's time to talk products, starting with wall art and looking through all the framing options to find the best fit for your home and style. Interested in an album or folio box? We'll discuss cover layouts, fabric options and optional add-ons like cover imprinting. You'll be able to see all the frame and fabric options available in person to help make the perfect choice for you.

After that many clients choose to add-on a few final pieces such as an acrylic block for the home or office.

And that's it!

The only thing left is finalizing your invoice and deciding how you'd like to pay, whether it's with a credit card, payment plan or even cash.

From there we'll part ways and I'll get to work on bringing your images to life while keeping you updated on the progress. Production time depends on your specific order as some things can be relatively quick to produce whereas some of the finer, handcrafted items can take a few weeks. This is why you'll get updates on the progress of your order, so you're not kept in the dark.

In the final part of this four part series, we'll wrap up the adventure with the personal home delivery.

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