There are a few different stages to working with Marie Wulfram Photography as your pet's photographer, from the moment you reach out to inquire to the final delivery of artworks and products. This series will walk you through what each step looks like and what you can expect along the way.

In the first of this four part series, learn more about the first step in the adventure of working with Marie Wulfram Photography.

The Design Consultation

Marie Wulfram Photography is all about creating gorgeous images that truly show the beauty and bond between Washington pets and their people. Every pet-person connection is so uniquely their own and that's why the first step in our journey together will begin with a design consultation.

If you've never worked with a professional photographer, or you've only dealt with "shoot-and-burn" models, you may never have heard of having a consultation before booking your photo session.

Your design consultation is critical in determining if I'm the right photographer for you and your pet. This is the time where we get to know each other, see if we vibe well, set expectations for each other and also provides you the opportunity to ask questions or voice any concerns you may have about booking a session for your pet.

Common questions include:

  • Does my pet have to be off leash?
  • What if my pet doesn't listen?
  • My dog is leash/dog aggressive, can you still photograph them?

Rest assured, the consultation is the best chance to be able to work through all these common questions and more so you can feel confident in your decision to hire me as your photographer.

Your consultation is also a design appointment in that we'll work through what you're imagining for your final keepsakes. Every family is unique not only in their personalities but also in what they're looking for from their session.

Some have a specific vision for one phenomenal photo that will end up as a grand statement piece above the fireplace while others prefer to capture as many images as possible and create a Story Tails album to capture every little detail of their fur-babies from the little specks on their ears down to the spot on their tail, every head tilt and every slobbery smile.

The design consultation is how we bring your vision to life, or how we create the vision for what you'll cherish most.

This includes:

  • Deciding on the perfect location for your session.
  • Finding the best time of year and picking a date.
  • Addressing any wardrobe concerns and what to wear.

The best part? It's all done online! When you inquire, you'll receive a detailed questionnaire that includes information to all these common questions as well as questions for you to fill out so we can work on designing your perfect experience.

Why not have a phone call instead?

Due to my autism as well as my autistic son, phone calls can be very hard to manage in our home. And truth be told, I stutter and forget to mention things when I'm on the phone. It's just not the best experience for my clients and I want to make sure you only receive the best care when working with me.

This design questionnaire that I've put together makes sure all information is given to you, all questions get asked, and you get the bonus of seeing even more adorable pet photos, too.

I've paired that with being available via text and email, and most of my clients have appreciated this more modern approach (as it seems no one likes talking on the phone these days anyway, which I totally understand).

What happens after the questionnaire is completed?

Following your design consultation, you'll receive an email that includes the next steps to book your session with links to a proposal which outlines everything we discussed and photography agreement for review and signature. At this time, you will also pay your non-refundable session retainer to secure your date.

From there, you're officially part of the Marie Wulfram Photography pack and on the path to an expertly-crafted session just for you and your pets. You'll receive access to a password protected client portal to keep track of all documents and emails, get help with preparing for your session, wall art gallery inspiration and so much more leading up to your session date.

You won't have to worry about walking this journey alone as I'll be there with you every step of the way.

Part two of this four part series will dive into what you can expect on the day of your session and how much fun your pets are going to have. Simple. Easy. Fun.

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